Saturday, 1 December 2007

How many people are listening???

Radio 5 Live interview and a trip to BBC, WOW!!! My pubes tingled as I entered the building thinking of all the great and the good that had entered before me. Little old me at the BBC.
Eamonn Holmes the charmer himself made me feel right at home and who else was there only the lovely friendly face of Lindsey from Nuts TV (traffic reporting) who again made me very welcomed. Again I hope to post the interview soon but safe to say our TV licence fee money is being put to good use. I think i would have been more nervious if i'd known how many people listen to the show, but everyone loves the Holmes.
Oh and for anyone watching BBC News 24 at 9:50 that big shadow that walked passed the back screen was me…

Nuts TV

Its all getting a bit mad, Nuts TV what a show. The beautiful Lindsey “hello!!” I was invited on to Nut TV and was forced to dance with beautiful girls in little pants. Forced! I had a long chat to the very robust OJ and the lovely Lindsey who really looked after me. Hope to post the interview soon but I had a great laugh and the young vibrant team at Nuts TV were on fire. Thanks guys

"Adopt A Bollock"

Ted,Ted a huge pair of Testicles is on the telly.

Graham Norton the famous dancing priest on Father Ted and one of Ireland best stand up comics and TV hosts gets personal with Mr Testicles. Keep and eye on Sunday night BBC 2 Graham Norton Show for little old me. I was so well looked after. Thanks to all the team on the show for all their love and support.

Mr Testicles.