Monday, 9 July 2007

Well, day seven and my first full week on the road and I have to admit it’s a lot tougher that I had expected! Don’t get me wrong... I knew it would be hard, after all its not everyday you see a giant pair of bollocks looking for a lift. But today a new experience in hitching: My first motorway hitch with an awkward journey!

Today, motorway hitching looked like the best option! It was hoped that a Good Samaritan would be found at the Leicester Forest East service station... So in the beautiful morning sunshine and with a large crowd watching from the packed motorway services, I picked my spot and stuck my (now tanned) thumb out!

I’d like to thank the two bikers who stopped and offered pillion a ride but as I pointed out I am somewhat aerodynamically challenged. Just over ½ hour waiting and the gods of hitching shone down! Francis from a Leeds chauffeuring service picked me up in his deluxe executive tour bus… wow, this is posh hitching at is bes! And my Samaritan provided me with a lift for the whole 60 miles... happy days in total luxury comfort!

This lift gave me a chance to reflect over the past week, and motorway hitching is now a vital part to achieving this challenge! The motorways of this land are amazing, a hive of industry and tourism, they don’t always work well... but when they do work, they are wonderful flowing veins keeping this wonderland alive! A huge thank you to Francis for this important part of the leg!

Arrived into Sheffield, home of steel and the full Monty, to see some of the after-affects of the flooding! Well I suppose one month of rain in one day will always cause problems, but I was taken aback to see just how much damage was caused!

I then spent the afternoon with our charity volunteer Paul who is about to become our new trustee! Paul lost a dear friend to testicular cancer and we are glad to have Paul on board. Volunteers are vital to charities and Paul’s donation of his time and skills is huge, so thanks Paul and thanks for the bed for the night as well.

My evening was spent, somewhat relaxing, with pizza and cold beer with my dear friend Dr Robert Cutting and his lovely wife Kirsty. We watched a rare and amazing sunset (not quite the Forest Gump montage vision I had in mind) but not far off! …Still waiting for that one! It was beautiful and this giant pair of testicles stood there and took in the amazing view!

Big day on Tuesday, as this ball bag is full of testosterone and excited as little old me is gonna be dancing on ice!

Wish you were here,
Mr Testicles x

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