Saturday, 6 October 2007

How Far????

Oooooweeeee it’s hot, the windy city???? Has no wind and it is hot hot hot. I got of to a flying start. The start of what seams a typical English winter cold, sniffle and sneeze’s and in a 5 mile warm up things were looking good, feeling mighty fine! As they say here, But as I step of the pavement sorry sidewalk, my ankle screamed OUCH!!! Over all not the best start.
However Chicago is Top’s. It’s got everything, even a beach. Chicago people are very friendly and boy do they love their baseball!!!!
So after wandering around town, Downtown in what seams to be a never ending film set of all my favorite movies. I like this city! With an amazing sun set over the stunning skyline, I am now all strapped up and ready for another tough challenge I'll be at the start line tomorrow, Sunday. Vaseline up, raring to go! With 35,000 others. I have to say I am very nervous,
Here hoping I don’t die tomorrow, 26.2 miles running around Chicago in ball busting temperatures. Can you imagine the headline??? Pun Heaven, Literally.
In fact I am drinking so much liquids now I am worried I might have to do a "Paula Radcliff?" and no That does'nt mean I'll be finishing the Marathon In 2 hr 10 minutes??, I ment pulling off to the side somewhere and water the flowers!
My aim is simply to finish! And with your love and support I will.

If you fancy running next year for Male cancer awareness please get in touch!
Please, if you can donate a few quid or better still adopt me for only 7 pound a month (best Christmas present ever?) Adoptabollock!
I'll let you know how I get on
Love you

Mr. Testicles.

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