Monday, 21 May 2007

HAHAHAAH! Attention: the Testicle is ready!

Well, this is it! No turning back. I have just over a month to get everything in place and if I was a giant Bum… well I would be pooing myself!

“HITCH.. HIKING the length of the UK….mmmmmmmmmmm!”

It's a massive challenge made all the harder by trying to find kind generous people to give me a lift to the next city and trying to find food and shelter for the night, oh and hopefully a big yummy dinner too, hahaha! The reason for this madness is to get the biggest media and publicity story as possible, so I can raise £50,000 for the charity which needs to raise awareness and educate men on male cancer.

Prostate, Bowel and Testicular cancer are the three biggest embarrassing cancers that men face today. Over 1,000 men will have lost their lives to these cancers in the twenty or so days it will take me to get from the bottom of the UK to the top - from Lands End to John O'Groats!

That’s over 1,000 families and their friends and communities who will have lost an important male figure to these horrid diseases! Deep down, you already know thatg there is a serious lack of male cancer awareness, compared to female breast cancer awareness. More needs to be done to address the imbalance between the cancers of the sexes.

By doing this challenge, I hope to get more men to become more aware of male cancer and to raise the £50,000 in donations, which will ensure that the charity can continue to do just that! You see, if male cancer is detected early and treated early, it provides the best chance of survival. All I am asking is think about men and their fight against cancer.

I hate being negative…but they are the fact’s… Male cancer awareness campaign is a positive charity and is positive about providing a lasting change in the fight against male cancer.

So with your support, your help, your smile, and your donation will ensure we can make more men aware of the early warning signs of male cancer. And save more men’s lives!

NOW!!! Don’t forget if you see me, I NEED A LIFT PLEASE!! And if you know anyone who can help with the challenge or help fundraise please do get in touch.

Looking forward to meeting you! Don’t forget honk your horn, and don’t forget to donate too!

Love you!

Mr. Testicles x

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