Sunday, 1 July 2007

Hit by a six, and off to a fantatic start!

WOW, my first ever cricket match- Twenty20 match of Somerset V Glamorgan! I'd seen testies on the the old telly, but how exciting this was to be part of the real deal!

The weather was stunning considering the foul weather we've been having lately! I even got to personally meet the Somerset team and get my picture taken! What a great bunch of lads! But as the game kicked off, the balls were flying (and me included), while the Adopt a Bollock Team pottered around with donation buckets, and ended up collecting a whopping £1,160 from the very generous and vocal crowd!
So imagine my gasp of surprise (while engrossed in the game, with the whoop and hollering and high spirits of the crowd around me as the boys wacked the balls out of the stadum) ...when Cameron White wacked a 6, and I look up and notice the crowd turning to look in my direction... until... BANG!!! It hits me right on the right testicle....!! What are are the chances in a 6,500 crowd-filled stadium and little old me gets wacked by the cricket ball, and on the testicle!!!

Well, the crowds went wild!! I was gutted I didn't have fast enough reflexes to do a Botham and catch it one handed! It was a fantastic start to what hopes to be an amazing adventure.

Thanks to the Adopt a Bollock Team for working so hard and helping to raise a cracking £1,160! Also, to the beautiful Cheryl and the team for all their support, as well as the huge crowd who gave me a huge Somerset welcome and showed amazing generosity!

So, Monday is the big push! I need to get to Plymouth Argyle football club where I will be meeting the team in training and kicking some balls around (and hopefully not getting hit again! ;) I need to get to the ground before 11:30am! Can you help!? Fancy meeting the team?

I will be leaving Lands End sign post at 8:00am so please please please help!! And then (and how cool is this!) ... I get to feed the sharks in Plymouth aquarium at 15:30! WOW, kicking balls and feeding sharks in one day...! I could really do with a room for the night each step of the way too, and can tell you alla bout my adventures! Can you help? Oh, and dinner would be really nice too :) Can't wait for the big kick off tomorrow! Must get some sleep now, got an early start tomorrow for a long adventure ahead!

Dont forget to adopt me!!!

Love you,
Mr Testicles. x

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