Monday, 2 July 2007

Ready, steady, START!

7am on the start line... Whoosh, and away we go! With my pubes flapping in the breeze, I marched my way forward from Lands End at the very bottom of the UK! Within 10 mins I got my first hitch... lucky me! Andy the school bus driver gave me the very first lift of my adventure... free of charge! It also gave me a chance to see how stunning Cornwall is!

Children on the bus cried, "Hello Mr Hairy Potato!" ...because, for some reason, I am sometimes mistaken as the hairy cousin of Mr Pototato Head himself!! Well, after my school bus experience, I was dropped off at Penzance and got out the hitchers' best tool again, the magic thumb! And within 10 mins again... Bang! Hitch No.2... the amazing Denzal - a young writer/producer who supports young and aspiring filmmakers in the UK... (maybe one day I could even star in my own movie.. ;) Top bloke, thanks Denzal! Plymouth here we come!!

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