Monday, 2 July 2007

Mr T(esticles) aint afraid of no sharks... fool!

First leg complete! And tons of support already!
My first appointment was at Plymouth Argyle football club, to wecome the lads back to the first day of training! The boys look fit and ready to go! Here's to the Premiership next year lads! Good luck and thanks for your support...!!

Second appointment was to highlight my daredevil skills... da da da... da da da...!! It was time to feed the sharks at Plymouth National Aquarium! Wow! It's funny but I didn't hear any of that bass-piano-playing or hear Barry Humphries' menacing voice from Finding Nemo!
Stepping into the darkened and top-secret restricted access room, with just the sound of bubbles and that fishy-poo smell of an aquarium (or was it just the smell of my own fear, combined with the dead mackereI in my hand), I climbed to the top of the humungous tank and peered down into the abyss below (which is the biggest fish tank in the UK apparently!)

Staring at the 4 sand tiger sharks from above (and looking far bigger than the reflective view of the thickened glass below might I add!)... I watched them looking up at me as I wondered what they must be thinking? Overall a shrinking of the sack as I dangled my little now-sweaty mackerel into the gaping tank of teeth below! After 5 mins and still no bite, I lost my nerve and dropped the dead mackerel into the tank below!
However, my shark adventure was not in vain, as I learnt that male sharks actually have two willies! How cool is that!
So remember that for your next pub quiz! Thanks to all the team at Plymouth Aquarium for your support and outstanding and hugely informative facilities.
So my first day over, thanks to SU for the bed for the night and lovely dinner! And thanks to everyone for the car horns of support!

Tomorrow I'm off to Bristol, and I need all your support again!

Remember you can still adopt me, at only £7 a month!

Love you

Mr Testicles x

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