Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Blown away...

The art of hitch hiking, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The 'Magic Thumb' is the hitch hikers main tool, but sometimes luck is more important!

Today, day 3, was really tough! 3 hours in the rain at Plymouth roundabout was not much fun... Plenty of horns blown in support, but like Kirstie Allsopp promotes "location location location"! I can only believe it was a bad spot to try and get a lift from! Then as the skies cleared and the rain stopped, a halo of light shone down on a shiny black Toyota Verso, and the good samaritan David, a Contracts Manager, took me out of my damp sack of despair! Thanks so much Dave! We got to Bristol a bit late, but in one piece.

Lovely volunteers Kirstie and Laura organised a trip to Bristol Blue Glass, and gave me a chance to show off my creative ball bag blowing skills... glass blowing! WOW!

The furness was piping hot and at one stage I could smell that distinct smell of singed pubes, I've gotta be more careful now ;)

I carefully took my big pipe with the big red end in hand, and blew what can only be described as a Dali like vase. Paul (top bloke at Bristol Blue Glass) is donating a one-off ball-tastic award for the charity! So a big thanks to Paul and his expert skilled staff for their time and support.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the wonderful kingdom of Wales! Again, your support and donations are needed, and if you see a giant pair of testicles looking for a lift (especially if its raining!) please stop and pick me up!! Remember, you can make a donation online through the website.

And don't forget that you can adopt me too!

Love you,

Mr Testicles x

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