Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The only (Mr) Testicle in the village...

July morning rain started us off, but I had a good feeling about today! Set off and soon after, Bang!! …*the magic thumb* worked a treat, and the lovely Sue dropped me off at our first stop of Newport!

And just like that, there little old me is… in the Wales! Wales - home of great singers, passionate sport fans and Lamb Sunday Roast (mmmmm, should have come through on a Sunday ;)

It’s good to be in Wales, where our first appointment was a chance meeting with the British cycling team who were training hard at the outstanding Welsh Velodrome. We watched the lads whizzing around the high-banked track at break-neck speed. The three-spoked carbon wheels at a pube thickness away from each other... Shoo, this was precision racing at its best! Proper sack twitching stuff, all the more twitching when you find out that it costs nearly £20,000 for a push bike that weighs lighter than a pair of tight pants…!
Thanks to all the team at the Velodrome and to the coaches and lads and girls of Team GB for their support! Good luck for the European Track Championship. All future Olympic in my eyes!

Plus I got a chance to speak Manx to two of the lads on the team, Peter and Joel from the Isle of Man. For those who don’t know… I was conceived on the Isle of Man! So here’s a Quick lesson in Manx:

- “HayBoy” = Hello
- “Howyoudoingthenfella” = How are you?
- “Alrighthenboy” = goodbye.

Well done lads, the Island is really proud of you! Keep at it and all the best for the future!

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