Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Mr Testicles takes the trophy and explores the the Millennium Stadium!

Back to it, the kingdom of Wales and the rain, but that’s Wales, surely it would not be Wales without the rain? A 3 mile walk, and horns of support aplenty until my good Samaritan took the shape of an old Audi driven by Rhys, a true Welsh gent, who was my second hitch of the day onwards to the city of Cardiff and to the Millennium Stadium!

Rhys was an amazing young man! Now isn’t that what hitch hiking is all about… meeting people and hearing their story…! Rhys had fallen on hard times but his grit and determination to seek happiness in everything he does changed his life around! An amazing story and a man who can offer so much, especially to young people who face many of the same problems he faced! Good luck in the job hunting… Rhys, keep at it! I am very proud of you…!

Arriving at the stadium, I was immediately WOWed! The staff really looked after me and with Rod Stewart getting ready to strut his stuff this weekend it gave me a chance to look around the stadium. I spent some time in the changing rooms and was allowed to lift the trophy... don't I look dashing ;) (and I also got a chance to do my Tom Jones dance …Yeehaa!)

So all in all, a great day finished off with gorgeous dinner at the Orient Pearl (below) thanks to Rob and the staff for their incredible support and hospitality. What beautiful food, Mmmm! The chicken black bean sauce was scrumptious and we had a spanking wonderful view over the bay! The feed and the rest well needed.

Not much time to rest for Mr Testicles though, as tomorrow my adventure continues and its time to leave the Kingdom of Wales already.

I will be heading to Gloucester tomorrow and again, your support will be heavily needed!

Don’t forget you can still adopt me!

Love You,
Mr Testicles x

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