Thursday, 5 July 2007

Mr Testicles tests his hitch hiking methods... and goes live on air!

Hitch hiking??? Hmmmmmm! Overall there are two schools of thought:

1. Stand with thumb out and hope someone stops...?

2. Bash some miles by walking towards said destination, holding thumb out...?

Found out today that the latter worked best, and overall I marched about 6 miles with the wind sweeping gently through my pubes! And I am away! 4 hitches in one day! Happy days... met some great people...

Rhys from yesterday provided the first leg, and I left Wales with a promise to return. The beautiful smiley Fran provided the much needed second hitch! Fran is a hard working mum of three and still manages to be a teacher in between! And she gave me a lovely gift of my favourite CD, WOW! Thanks Fran!

Onward with my march, thumb out! My only worry now is that my now sweating ball bag might deter future hitches, but alas my charm won the day!

Wonderful Geri provided the third hitch! Geri is an ex army girl and the country should be proud of girls like Geri who are in the forces! Thanks Geri for the hitch and your support!

On the last leg the enthusiastic Ian and Lucy, who were heading to London for a party, picked me up! Thanks guys! Little old me has inspired them to cycle Lands End to John 'O Groats next year to fundraise for the charity, huge thanks to you guys!

So I arrived in Gloucester in record time…! Now that’s what I am talking about! Thank you to everyone who helped me get here today!!!

After a quick comb of the hairs that curl to make myself presentable, I met with Anna King, the very sexy voice of BBC Gloucester Radio Drive Time, who provided a lovely interview and gave me a chance to play DJ… look out Terry Wogan... “Ah….. soitis” my best impression! Ha ha!

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