Sunday, 22 July 2007

19th July.... I have made it!

The morning Scottish sun was blasting and baking my ballbags as I set off on my last leg... only 14 miles to John O Groats. I had a lovely evening and spanking full big brekkie from my bed and breakfast hosts Bob and Silvia. Thank you for your hospitality!

The road was small and narrow and secular with rush hour traffic being all of 2 cars (which passed me in one hour period!), but I was determined to get there and if it has to be by my own bollock power... so be it. The day was one of the finest total blue sky and roasting sun, with a slight breeze that caressed my pubes as I marched forward.

At part of my walk to the end of the UK I passed a field of cows who started to follow me... I stop, they stop... I continue, they continue...t hey must have me confused me for a handsome Bullock not bollock!! haha! I continued on my way, as I did not want to be found worrying cattle!

My 5 mile march and the cliffs of John O Groats was almost in site, and then... my One and Only, My Last Hitch!

Graham, a Father Christmas look-a-like, retired Manchuinian and cauli-flower-eared ex-wrestler, moved to this paradise 5 years ago... and since he lost his wife he has stayed ever since. And now he lives his life- cycling, walking, fishing and doing odd jobs. It was my Good Samaritan Graham who delivered me to my John O Groats, grand finale finishing post! With a vice-like hand shake we said goodbye... and there I stood, after nearly 4 weeks, and over 1,660 miles! I had made it!!

I stood by the small harbour that only last week had a pod of Orca whales playing nearby! It was a view I won’t forget in a hurry…! Aah, those islands in the distance, the blue sky and clear water were what I remember as I crossed the finish line.

This has been a proper adventure! I have met some of the most amazing people and listened their stories. I’ve seen this great and amazing land…. and it's cities, towns and villages. I’ve devoured its fruits and local produce. The UK takes some beating at times - this land, its people, its hardships, its history and its future. This testicle is a better testicle because of this amazing journey. This land is full of goodness! We hear so many bad and negative stories, and I do hope that my adventure has shown that there are so many good people who care. There is a lot of love out there…

As I stand on the last point of the UK, the sun toasting my wrinkled sack, a giant hairy testicle, his hair that curls wind swept and his smile wide…!

Lands End to John o Groats… One big testicle TICK!

Love you
Mr Testicles x

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