Monday, 9 July 2007

Suntanning, ham sandwiches and sniffing Dobermans...

Sunday morning and the weather was perfect! I set off in high spirits just outside Birmingham and after several miles I got my first hitch from the lovely Ruth - a hard working mother of three! Thanks Ruth!

Back to pounding the miles, maybe it’s the call of Sunday lunch or the recent lack of sun but I was finding it hard to get a hitch, and my magic thumb was getting sore! By now I was sweating like only a ballbag can (sniff sniff… not too bad), but with 6 miles still to go to Leicester its looking like I will get there by my own steamy sweat! With horns of support a plenty and what’s now looking like sunburn… Yip, a sunburnt sack! Ha ha! (Mental note: must get someone to put sun cream on for me!)

Eventually two cars return and offer me a lift. The guys are on convoy to go for a picnic and are my good Samaritans for the day! It’s a tight squeeze, but with heavy metal blasting we race into Leicester. Thanks to Jules, Luke and Paul for your support and getting me to Leicester! I made it only one hour later than planned which is not too bad!

Time to take in some Leicestershire Cricket Club sunshine and watch the lad’s wack some balls. Thanks to the entire crowd for your support and donations and sorry to both team for stopping play!

(Whoops, I stood too close the side screen, distracting play ;)

Then it was time for Sunday dinner! Mmmmmmm! A bit sunburnt, and ready for a feed after my march there is only one place in Leicester… In my opinion thee best ham sandwich in the whole UK! This is without a doubt balltastic!! I mean this is the Mother of all Ham Sandwiches in The Globe, Wow! Thanks to Lynne and Sarah and Ed for all the support and for the yummy dinner!

Also huge love to Good Samaritan Julie for putting me up for the night! Arrived at Julie's house and her Eddie gave me a funny look and a good sniff…! Eddie is Julia's much loved Doberman and has spent the entire evening giving me funny looks… Down Eddie, down naughty boy! I am sure dogs see me as some kind of humping toy or a large hairy bone! Ha ha!

Well, its been ONE week already and what an adventure it's been! From feeding sharks to blowing glass, eating amazing food along the way and meeting incredible people, all with a story to tell! Thank you again to all who have helped this ball bag be half way up the country already on my epic adventure to raise awareness and funds for Male Cancer Awareness Campaign! I've still got TWO weeks to go, so do get in touch and share this adventure with me!!

On Monday I really need your support… big trip to Sheffield and I will need all your help! Don’t forget to get everyone you know to donate or just adopt me and have me for ever and ever and ever!

Love you,
Mr Testicles x

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