Sunday, 8 July 2007

Saturday night balti's and a ball bag out on the town!

Today a large, hot circle appeared in the morning sky! I heard that it’s called the Sun… what a beautiful real summers morning it was, and this break in the weather gave me a chance to warm my cockles at last!

Rule number 3 for hitching: Ask the night before for a hitch the next day…

It worked a treat! Peter from the Pudding Club was heading in my direction and so he became my first and only hitch of the day! Straight to Birmingham and to our first appointment the Halfpenny Green Vineyards.

Lisa and her family are grafters, and their hard work, commitment and love have seen an award winning wine produced here in Blighty…! Gave me a chance to taste the fruits of this fine land…WOW! Being a giant scrotum I am no wine expert but I was surprised and really enjoyed several tasters. Lisa totally inspired me! Her family has been rocked by prostate cancer, but her family's hard work and commitment and vision has seen a family business flourish! With a love of wine, they turned from farming to winemakers, and I am glad they did! Their support of local produce is incredible and has grown their shop as well as highlighting the best of local produce from small producers all over the UK! not to mention the taste…WOW!

We need to support local producers and we need to support the best of British. The reason is simple because we should…! The local tomato soup was just magic, the local ham amazing and the freshly homemade cream tea was ballbagtastic! We need to support this great land's harvest and the people that nurture its fruits and bounty. To all the farmers, fishermen and local product industries of this land, I salute you! You inspire me! Lisa thank you for the amazing lunch and your support!

So, back into Birmingham... The hair that curls is L-O-O-K-I-N-G good, and I am putting on my dancing socks and dancing shoes “he he shamone”…. This hairy nut sack loves to dance and tonight I am hitting the town! First a visit to the local balti (well we are in Birmingham and it is a Saturday night!)... then me and my shiny dancing shoes had been invited to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar! Well, a large nighclub in fact. The very handsome and highly groomed Simon from Nightingales had given me a big slot on stage so that I could promote male cancer awareness to the gay community. Thanks to all the guys and girls for looking after me and allowing a giant ball bag to strut his stuff! Much fun!

Time to put these dancing shoes to bed,

Love you,
Mr Testicles x

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