Saturday, 7 July 2007

Cotswold's food is the bollocks!

No rain that has to be good… got a good feeling about today, heading into the Cotswolds…surely the real England.. Again I think we all forget how magical this huge country is... but my thumb is out and bingo! Matt is the first hitch and celebrating his 2:2 degree!!

Second hitch by a truly good Samaritan, 79 year Geoff - a volunteer for 15 years to Vale Wildlife Rescue Hospital! He was delivering a broken pigeon to the hospital and picked me up on the way! This hitch gave me a chance to meet this great charity as well. You see, this is why charities need committed volunteers and their hard work so much! Without them charities would not survive! Geoff dropped off the injured pigeon and delivered me to Evesham. Geoff you're a top bloke, love your spirit!

Then to experience again the culinary delights of this fine land "The Fleece" at Bretforton! Ok, I am now going to let you in on a little secret... this is one of my all time favourite pubs in the world!! A real pub, a gem of an Inn, a proper English pub with real ale and real character! I sometimes dream of this pub it's that good! That's how much I love this place! Nigel is a champion and provided me with a magnificent lunch! ...forget Gordon Ramsey's F Word... this "Is" the bollocks! Local succulent sausage on a bed of creamy mash with rich red wine gravy….DONE!!! I woofed it down. Thanks to Nigel and his wonderful staff for their hospitality and support!

This ball bag, now fat and happy after lunch started out on the road again. And within 100 metres... ding dang do! The lovely Lynn delivered to the door of Billy Shakespeare. Many thanks Lynn. Thanks to all the guys for getting me here in one piece!

So to Billy's house we go! And if I had to name five things that sum up England:

- Warm beer,
- Cricket,
- Fish and chips,
- Rain, (and of course...)
- William Shakespeare

I arrived at his birth place in Stratford upon Avon! And sat in his lovely garden. I met John - the most elegant and without a doubt the most dapper man I've met! John is going to search the archives for a Shakespeare quote about cool is that! Thanks to all the staff at the William Shakespeare Birthplace Trust!

And finally something I've been looking forward to since I planned this adventure… The Pudding Club in Mickleton!

Again, forget Gordon Ramsey's four word ranting…. This is what makes England great! English puddings! I love this place, and again I like it so much, I sometimes dream of it! If like me you love pudding, this place is heaven! Thanks to all the guys for their love and support at the Three Ways House Hote,l home of the World Famous Pudding Club Spotted dick.....done!

Don't forget to adopt this pudding loving ball bag! £7 a month -see the link below.

Love you
Mr Testicles x

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