Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Lucky Balls.

What can I say? 40,000 people and one giant ball bag… the press had a field day. Total pun Heaven. All I can say is Everton FC are top of the league when it comes to supporting charities. They made me feel special and gave me so much support.
Stepping on to the pitch, warming up with the players… every school boys dream.
As for “Hit the bar”…I need you all to understand something, testicles do not have great vision. As I said before I have the poorest foot/ eye coordination and could hardly see the ball, never mind the post. To even score a goal into an empty net is a colossal achievement for me, so I was over the moon to put two into the back of the net.
Adrenaline filled testicles is somewhat of an understatement. Iam still buzzing.

Poor Sunderland, I hope that when we head to their club, I can rub of some good luck on to them.

Making match of the day 2 was a highlight; it seams Benny Hills love child (Adrian Chiles) had a few witty comments to say about me…Howdarehe.

But all in all a wonderful experience were hoping now that every premiership club follows Everton’s lead and educate their own supporters on male cancer.


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