Friday, 13 July 2007

All things sweaty...

Still in 'the pool' and time to visit the two teams that make Liverpool Liverpool! First up is Goodison Park, the home of Everton and they very kindly let me onto their pitch. It's an amazing stadium! And their own player Alan Stubbs had suffered from testicular cancer. Wish them all the best for the season, and big huge thanks to Val for all her love and support!

Next up, I was surprised to see just how close Anfield is to Everton... I arrived at Liverpool Stadium and there we met Brian, an ex-Liverpool professional, and we learnt all about the new plans for Liverpool's new stadium. Again I am blown away by these passionate vast crowd holding places! I can only imagine the noise, the sheer din of the crowd! Thanks to Brian and big thanks to Tom who gave me the full tour! Even got a chance to go into the lads changing rooms! Big pair of testicles in a football changing room? Haha!

With that I said goodbye to the city of Liverpool - next year to be the 'city of culture 2008'… which as a local taxi driver shouted, "Bollocks, Liverpool has always been an amazing city... a city with talent and a city rocked by hardship and yet it's their outlook and their wit that has always got them through! So its always been a city of culture to me!"

So back to it... a hitch to Bolton, and due to the typically bad northen weather , I used rule no 3 of hitch hiking and orginised a lift the night before! Laura, a newly qualified laywer, had very kindly offered to drive me to Bolton, thanks Laura! It's now Day 11 and I am really feeling it! This giant pair of testicles needs a bit of care and attention! So thanks to Virgin Active were I was looked after fabulously!
First a workout, followed by some serious care from the ladies in the Hula Class where I showed of my hula hula skills, and made the girlies laugh as the hula hoop whizzed around my lower sack!

Then onto a spinning class to show off my fast cycling on a fix bike… wow, if you ever need to work up a sweat this is definitely the class for you!

Now insert your own pun please, of the sauna… and a chance to chill out and relax by the pool and the hot tub!

This was badly needed and this giant ballbag is now relaxed, refreshed and ready to go. Thanks to Craig and all the staff at Virgin Active for their love and support.

Please adopt me,
Mr Testicles x

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