Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday 13th not a good day if you are a damp testicle!

They say it’s grim up north and my damp pubes would agree! First appointment was a Fungus Free Bolton wanderer (they were giving some love to the pitch so no testicles allowed, but they very kindly donated a signed ball!) So thanks to all at the club for their support. I was hoping to meet Peter Kay but it didn’t work out! Still it’s on my wish list!

Stuck at a service motorway station (that will remain nameless as I wasn’t wanted a very much paddy and max moment… Howdarethey!...) they did not want me there as they were afraid I would draw complaints….what? little old me! They were very courteous but no room at this inn for this hairy fellow. So I stood out in the lashing rain and bitter cold for several hours! This has without a doubt been the toughest day so far... no one stopped, stuck at a motorway service station that didn’t want me and struggling to find a hitch. What Good Samaritan would let a soaked shriveled-up scrotum into their vehicle?

So, this damp pubed ballbag after 3 hours in the lashing rain, had to call it a day. I knew this challenge would always be hard but the weather has gone against me Cough..Cough.. You see giant testicles Cough, are not keen on the damp. I called in support to get to Leeds for tonight. Thanks to the Premier Travel Inn and TGI Fridays for their much needed love and support.

AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Friday the thirteenth! THAT’S WHY!! Ive just realised its Friday the 13th... forget walking under ladders or black cats crossing your path.. a totally rain-soaked pair of testicles trying to get in your car has to be a big superstition on a Friday 13th!

Phew! Thank goodness for that! Tomorrow a big day… This ballbag hits the slopes and heads to Newcastle!
So please remember I am doing all this to raise £50,000 to raise awareness for male cancer. Please dig deep and donate online.

Love you
Mr Testicles x

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