Monday, 16 July 2007

Yonder north we go...

Day 14 and the big unfamiliar hot circle in the sky is bright! What a beautiful day! This is the finest day of the summer so far! I leave Newcastle, already looking forward to my return. My first hitch is quick... standing on the A1 and I get a call... Its Inge! My Good Samaritan has decided to change her plans and take me to Scotland as she’s never been! Lucky me… The music’s good, we have driving sweets and some drinks and away we go!

Scotland is one off the longest legs and it feels like a real road trip... Singing, car dancing and laughing and sweet munching away, the A1 as to be one of the nicest road views in the country, and the unfamiliar sunshine highlights it perfectly! Before long we are the border. Aah, Scotland.

Home of kilts, porridge, bagpipes and iron brew! The landscape changes and screams SCOTLAND... I do my best Shrek impression “DONKEY” and we soon arrive in one of Europe’s best cities. Edinburgh has something so special to it... it’s a stunning and beautiful city and has a real energy that can match and better anything in Europe!

So I was invited out for a top dinner at Olive Branch, a lovely bistro in the heart of the city. The food was outstanding and highlights the best of Scottish produce! I really really enjoyed this evening and said goodbye to my Good Samaritan Inge.

Thanks to Stuart for his support and to all the staff at the Olive Branch. A relaxed and happy ballbag watched an amazing sunset over this amazing city. Thanks to Premier Travel Inn again for their love and support.

Love you
Mr Testicles x

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